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Julie S.
Great service. Clean. I never have to wait (I try to come in right when they open). They're super sweet, & do a great job at making you feel comfortable. These ladies are gel gods! They somehow know how to make my nails look good no matter how jacked up they are.
Yolanda G.
Upper Marlboro, MD
Had a much better experience with a different person this go round. Pretty good atmosphere with free wine
Malik J.
Clinton, MD
Look here you jive turkey sucker! This place right here, this here place! Man this place is awesome! I'm not one for going to nail spas, but I wouldn't mind at all sitting in that place for hours. This place is actually very nice and pretty awesome. From the smell, and the look, and just the feel of the place. I really liked it. The workers were so nice and careful. They were very attentive and treated my woman and other customers with much respect and patience. I've never considered going to a nail spa and getting my nails done before, but shuuuuuu! I may just go and get my fingers nails and toe nails done in that place, and that place only. Anyway, if you're ever in the Upper Marlboro area, stop by this place and get your toes did, ha ha! i guarantee that you'll love it and your man,men will love it, ha ha!
Bri H.
Washington, DC
Now it is very rare that I try a new nail salon, not unless I have to, but I was feeling adventurous yesterday and BADLY needed my eyebrows done, so I picked Reju to be my random salon of the day. Just from walking in, I was instantly relaxed; Reju is so mellow, clean, and calming. They had soft music playing in the background and the woman in the front was so sweet, and not yelling at me like, "What you want honnnaay, pick your color". Thank you, Jesus!
They just opened three weeks ago and the place looks great! Very modern & even their pricing menu is super professional! Welp, since it was so nice, I was instantly curious, so I decided to extend my visit and added a pedicure to my list of services. The prices are a bit up there and not as affordable as my other "go to" salon, BUT the service is incredible & worth every penny. There was a bit of a wait for 3PM on a Monday, but there were also only three people working at that time, so I understood. I suggest making an appointment rather than walking in, just so you can be seen right away. Fifteen minutes later, I was lead to the back where the pedicure stations were and my oh my, was I impressed. There were about 15 pedicure chairs in the back; the chairs were insanely comfortable and they have disposable liners/bags in the soaking tub for your feet, for each individual customer. You have no clue how happy that made me! It felt so good knowing my little toes weren't being exposed to prior customers crust and corn residue. Yay, for cleanliness! The man giving me a pedicure was super sweet and accommodating; he didn't speak much but he was very friendly when he did. Now, here is my favorite part, they serve complimentary wine, tea, and water for customers receiving service! Heck yeah! So you know I had to ask him for some wine, mmm hmm; it was very tasty! My overall pedicure was amazing! It was super relaxing & I felt pampered, which was wonderful!!! Now to the eyebrows. "Oh lord, please don't let her mess my eyebrows up, or have me walking out this place with one missing"....I had to say my little pray beforehand. I feel like every time someone new does my eyebrows, I have a mini panic attack. Ha, ha. Surprisingly, she did phenomenal! Them thangs were sculpted to perfection, "Yessssss" ::snaps fingers in the air:: Lol. Yes yes, I am certainly impressed with Reju and their services. They have wonderful customer service, the ambiance is modern, it is extremely clean, and they are super accommodating! Great job to all of the employees at Reju. I am a forever customer and I never want to go back to my old nail salon again, just don't tell them that (ssshhhhh). I am so glad that they added this great addition to Upper Marlboro. We needed it!

Favs: Complimentary drink with service, customer service, & the cleanliness is impeccable!

Would Change: Cheaper prices but I get it, you've got to pay for quality, so it's not so bad; A girl can dream...can't she? Ha, ha!
Business Hours
Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sun: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Osborne Shopping Center,
7611 Crain Hwy C130-C140, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772